Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Huckleberry's Teacher Tales

I've said for years "I should write a book of all the things my students have said or done." Well, maybe someday. Along with organizing all my photos and making digital scrapbooks. I don't procrastinate, I just multi-task too much!
My friend Debbie and I together went through the last two years of our Bachelor's in Special Education and right into a Master's in Early Childhood Special Education with an endorsement in Autism at UNLV. We spent more time together at school than we did with our families. But, we've never had the opportunity to work together, until this year.  I stepped out of my craftily constructed comfortable Early Childhood Special Education classroom and into the scary realm of Special Education Instructional Facilitator. Debbie is still at the same school she started at 11 years ago right out of the sacred education halls of UNLV. Meanwhile, I have had starring roles as an ECSE Pre-K and Special K (self-contained preschool and kindergarten programs) teacher, and one adventurous-disastrous year 8 miles above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.
Wait, back on track... so this year I am a facilitator at three elementary schools: mentoring, assisting, mediating, monitoring, and getting in the way a lot. I work with 16 special education teachers. My home-based school is  - Yes you guessed right, at Debbie's school! I get to be with her two days a week. We've had a blast swapping Preschool and Kinder tales; discussed the diagnostic criteria for M.O.M. Disorder (which I'm convinced should be included in the DSM-V) and identified a new special education eligibility category: P.I. (Parent Impairment).
Come back for more entertainment... or sleeping material soon!
(aka Huckleberry)

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